Welcome to Manitou Springs Clinic of Acupuncture, serving Colorado Springs and surrounding area including: Woodland Park, Cascade, Chipita Park and Manitou. We offer pain management and alternative health solutions including dry needling, IMS (Inter Muscular Stimulation), Graston Technique and cupping that have been successfully healing people for centuries.

At Manitou Acupuncture, Randall Johnson specializes in the practice of Setai Shinpo style of acupuncture, combined with movement therapy called Sotai Ho. These two modes of therapy compliment each other to bring the most beneficial healing for patients. Randall is only one of four professional acupuncturists practicing this style seat shinto on the mainland of the USA. Because of the quality, one-on-one time spent with a patient, Randall is studying your whole body, fingernails, skin textures, temperature, to get a full spectrum of each patient’s health needs. Each appointment is about 1 hour and 15 minutes in length where Randall spends the entire time evaluating and treating each patient.

1 Pawnee Avenue in Manitou Springs located in the Heart of Manitou Day Spa building. The corner of Pawnee and Manitou Avenue across from the Manitou Library.

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